Program Strengthening AKTIV’s research and communication capacities refers to programmatic objective number 1)To provide sustainable framework for civic participation and democratic decision-making on local and central institutional level in Kosovo. The objective declares commitment of Organization to contribute pluralistic and inclusive decision making practices in Kosovo that take in account interests and needs of minority communities as prerequisite for creation of democratic and tolerant society. This complex objective entails elaborated strategy focused at several priority areas, firstly; grass root democratic practices that enables inclusive and transparent procedures in identifying community interests (open dialogue, forums, debates etc), secondly strong capacity of CSOs to translate this needs into argumentative and empirical policy level inputs (researches, policy amendments, etc) and thirdly accumulated advocacy and lobbying channels to present this needs to decision makers at local and central level.

Within Objective 1 thematic focus is placed at enhancement of position of Serbian community in Kosovo and revolves around three distinctive areas; a) process of normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia i.e Brussels Dialogue and EU Integration process b) Minority rights in Kosovo and c) improvement of democratic practices of local and central government. AKTIV engagement in policy work is growing due to the obvious need for policy inputs by CSOs representing the interest of minorities in Kosovo. Our active participation in decision making process aims to enrich the views upon matters of arguments, enables decision makers to take a full grasp on sensitiveness of ethnic relations in Kosovo and permits the citizens to take participation in the processes affecting their lives.

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