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Description of the Project   


The GIZ project Youth Employment Promotion in Kosovo, aims to improve the employability of Kosovar youth in the labour market, by adapting and implementing the labour market measures to address the needs of young people, including vulnerable groups and meet the needs of employers, and improve the quality of vocational education and training for young people.


Activities :

I. Promotion and marketing of the soft skills training programme and mobilization of young women from the target region to apply to the programme Outreach campaign through direct mobilization of municipal based women organizations and associations, as well as business associations in recruitment of young women for the participation in training program. Production and delivery of information set regarding the program opportunities and its delivery to direct targeted groups including specified application instructions.

Activities: 0.1 Preparation of consolidated information on the program and its translation into Serbian Language and preparation to municipal outreach (appointments, schedule, logistic preparations)

1.1. Meetings with Business Associations and local Youth Councils in all 4 municipalities in northern Kosovo including rural areas

1.2. Meetings with CSO organizations and Women Association in all 4 municipalities in northern Kosovo including the rural areas

1.3 Call for Application management


II . Provision of the information on employment situation including the database of potential employers in North Kosovo for 25 young rural women after they have completed the soft skills training Activities:

2.1 Consolidations of existing data from AKTIVs programs (baseline data base, available statistics and information)

2.2 Interviews with local stakeholders (companies, business, local civil employment initiatives etc) and beneficiaries

2.3 Consolidation of data-base

2.4 Production of report


III. Organize one “Ignite debate” between youth, local business and civil society organizations in order to promote the dialogue and strengthen cooperation between these stakeholders on the topic of “Internship among young women – challenges and opportunities”, including promotion of 25 young women who went through soft skills training including a networking opportunity prior or after the debate Soft-skill trainings for young rural women Page 4 Activities:

3.1 Preparation and promotion of the Ignite Debate

3.2 Execution of the debate

3.3 reporting and recommendations


IV. Incentivizing trained women to find and do an internship, including a presentation of accounts of the successful women who managed to find an internship or employment, provide a methodology/approach on incentivizing graduates to find and conduct internship Soft-skill trainings for young rural women Page 5 Activities:

4.1 Preparation of the workshop

4.2 Implementation of the workshop

4.3 Production of the workshop report

4.4 Preparation of the public debate

4.5 Execution of public debate “Successful stories”


V. Evaluation and assessment of placement process and internships AKTIV, in coordination and in conjugation with the placement organizations, will require that participants write a general report of their internship experience and submit it upon its completion to the implementation team for analysis. This will be used to gauge the overall success of the program, including the growth in skills and experience on the part of the program participants. It will also be used as a mechanism to measure how effective the program has been in achieving its stated goals .The team will visit participants from all four municipalities in two-day period (two municipalities per day) and collect information about the process of internship. At the end of the internship period, participants will be presented with a certificate of completion from AKTIV and the receiving organization.

Activities: 2.4. Distribution of the internship evaluation forms and contacting for all trainees after three months of internship period or conducting a follow-on evaluation with all graduates to assess their current internship/employment situation.

2.5 Implementation of evaluation and interviews with all trainees

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