Partners and supporters :

CBM – Community Building Mitrovica

NSCS- National Center for State Courts


Project description 

Even seventeen years post-conflict, the Mitrovica region still lacks legal system and functional courts and citizens are not able to exercise their rights. The existence of two different systems, not recognized by each other, causes additional challenges to citizens who do not know which institution to address. Two civil society organizations from Mitrovica region, Community Building Mitrovica and Aktiv will implement project engaging university and high school students through lectures, public debates, advocacy trainings and other activities to bring justice closer to its citizens. Through engaging Ombudsperson in activities participants will have the opportunity to get familiar with the activities of Ombudsperson Office but also with its role in protection of human right. Also within Brussels dialogue it is foreseen that existing courts will be replaced with fully integrated staff from both sides of the Ibar river. Beside Ombudsman, CBM and Aktiv will engage other institutions during implementation of the project, including OHCHR, Municipality and relevant Ministries. The overall program goal is to increase access to justice in Mitrovica region through joint activities of Kosovo Albanian and Kosovo Serb communities.

This will be achieved through:

Objective 1: Increase level of knowledge on justice sector mechanisms among high school and university studentsby organizing lectures that will enable participant’s in-depth understanding of the legal system by applying theoretical knowledge to common legislative problems solving.

Objective 2: Increasing transparency and accessibility of legal system in Mitrovica region by organizing two visits to Vučitrn/Vushtrri and EULEX court and two public debates with Ombudsperson, which will provide comprehension of Kosovo legal framework and available means for protection of rights that are guaranteed.

Objective 3: Openly voicing issues related to justice system through advocacy campaigns

Objective 4: Providing constant advocacy on human rights issues and access to justice by crating networking platform for Demand for Justice Youth initiatives.


Targeted groups :

Project will target citizens from Mitrovica Region with special focus on youth. The project is designed to educate young people on their rights and the possibilities to exercise these rights within the existing legal justice system. With this project we aim to address concerns of the youth on being active, engaged and informed for the justice and raise their voice on what is really affecting them regarding their inability to exercise their rights. The project is focused on increasing the number of young people whose fundamental rights and interests are adequately and timely protected. Direct beneficiaries will be the young people engaged in different stages of the project within the activities foreseen.


Project Activities : 

Activity No. 1: Advocacy campaign 

This activity will include social media campaign comprised from messages and graphics composed to stress out the need for functioning court in Mitrovica region, as well as street actions that will alert authorities about requirements of the citizens in sphere of access to justice.

Activity No. 2:Organization of lectures

a.    Adapt the lectures curriculum, developed by YIHR for Mitrovica Region context in consultation with Ombudsperson.
b.    Translate the curriculum in local languages
c.    Organize lectures for high school and university students in Mitrovica Region on the concepts of justice, rights, access to justice, accountability mechanisms and reform.

Activity No.3:Organization of Public Lecture with Ombudsperson Office

Activity No.4: Advocacy Training Camps

CBM and Aktiv will organize joint advocacy training camps for youngsters from Mitrovica Region to enhance capacity in advocacy and lobbying skills.

Activity No. 5:Organization of idea farm competition

CBM and Aktiv will organize open competition for formal and informal youth organization to conduct advocacy activities. Simple proposal form will be created and published. The best ideas will be supported financially. The main aim of this activity is to ensure understanding of human right protection mechanisms.

Activity No. 6: Organized visits to Vushtri/Vučitrn and EULEX court in Mitrovica

The AKTIV/CBM staff members will communicate with representatives to enablea group of 20-30 interested students who have attended public debates and lectures, and have expressed their interest, to participate in visits to Vushti/Vučitrn and EULEX court in Mitrovica.

Activity No. 7: Organization of closing conference

CBM and Aktiv will organize a joint closing conference and presentation of the networking advocacy platform for Demand for Justice Initiatives. This activity will include joint conference that will gather all the Demand for Justice Initiatives and presentation of networking platform for collaboration.

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