Donor: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Aktiv is pleased to announce the launching of a new project entitled Increasing the Advocacy Potential of Kosovo Serb Civil Society Organizations. The project financed by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) aims to improve the democratic accountability of governance in Kosovo through the active and continuous involvement of civil society organizations in the design and implementation of policies that are more responsive to problems facing non-majority communities in Kosovo.

More specifically, the project will increase the capacity of Kosovo-Serb NGOs to articulate the needs of their communities at the central level and to advocate and lobby relevant institutions and political actors for positive change.

This project also seeks to heighten the depth and the quality of the participation of Serb-majority NGOs in governmental consultative mechanisms, to increase cooperation on civil advocacy initiatives with central institutions, and to foster the active involvement of non-majority CSOs in monitoring the implementation of legal and constitutional frameworks designed to protect the rights of Kosovo’s minority communities.  The overriding philosophy and logic behind this initiative is that if Serbs can undertake a more active role in Kosovo’s socio-political life then this can lead to a greater level of stability and cohesion in inter-ethnic relations.  This cohesion can be arrived it through amplified dialogue, cooperation and, coordination between various civil-society and institutional actors that will serve to raise the level of understanding between Kosovo’s ethnic groups as to the socio-economic and political problems they face.

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