Partners and Supporters:

United Nations Women Kosovo

As part of a large-scale project currently ongoing in northern Kosovo by UN agencies, AKTIV was chosen as a partner of UN Women to assist in the implementation of their project component(s).

The overall project has the following objectives:

1.         To raise awareness of DV and enhance access to services for survivors of domestic violence;

2.         To strengthen the formal/informal service chain of DV prevention, protection and reintegration services through catalytic interventions;

3.         To enhance the economic independence of (potential) survivors of domestic violence and provide counselling for families and perpetrators;

4.         To disseminate programme results, capitalising on lessons learned for scaling-up in other municipalities.

AKTIV’s responsibilities include the organization of trainings being held for public-sector workers and representatives of the civil society sector, the facilitation of meetings between UN Women, other UN agencies and representatives of the coordination mechanism comprised of representatives of local public institutions.

NGO AKTIV Mitrovica

NGO AKTIV Priština