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Theory of change

Economic cooperation and development is essential factor in the process of stabilization of intercommunity relations in Kosovo. Perturbed interethnic relations in Kosovo are affecting overall business environment by denying/harrowing the Kosovo Serbs access the overall market of Kosovo, central institutional support and networking opportunities. As a consequences the developmental potentials of Kosovo Serbs business has not reached the optimal level nor the economic cooperation fully contributed to upsurge of inter community relations in Kosovo. In order to tackle this deficiency it is necessary to assist the MSMEs in generating the business connections with Kosovo Albanian counterparts leading to expanded opportunities for access to overall Kosovo market. This process will foster favourable dynamics in overall economic development and lay foundation for continues and unassisted economic cooperation and networking. Ethnic cooperation based around a common interest, tangible as economic, is a strong contributing factor to overall process of relieving inter-community relations. Precondition for self-sustainability of these actions is to build substantial and need based cooperation. Such cooperation in economic sector should enfold on two level; first one being direct individual and sector based business cooperation contacts, while second one is joint policy level actions between entrepreneurs from both community that will contribute to creation of business perceptive environment. Both of these approaches are facilitated within the project proposed in this paper.

Output 1: Increased economic cooperation between north and south Kosovo contributing to an integrated and unified market and stabilizing the overall socio-political situation between ethnic groups throughout Kosovo

Output 2: The business community in the north and the rest of the Kosovo is informed about the effects of Brussels agreement to the business environment and addresses the needs for policy level support in the advancement of business opportunities.

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