Partners and Supporters:

German International Development Cooperation (GIZ)

‘Mladi do karijere – Youth Employment Awareness Initiative’ will target young people in Northern Kosovo with the objective of enhancing their ability to find employment in both the public and private sector. This project will organize five events from October through to December. These will include informative sessions on education and internship programs, as well as workshops on networking and reaching employers. Guests from both the public and private sector will be invited to speak about employment opportunities. They will provide advice on how to develop employability skills as well as help enhance knowledge on employers rights.

The topics of the events will include:

·         Municipal Youth Development Strategies

·         The Job Market Reality – What are the norms, and what is the reality on ground?

·         Informal education programs – Are people proactively developing their skills-set?

·         Coaching system – career development counseling

·         Internship and volunteering programs

·         Expanding knowledge, perspectives and cultural experience through studying abroad and locally

·         Networking and building connections within peer groups

·         Rural start up programs for businesses

·         Speakers from local and regional companies will relay success stories of good practice and youth employment

·         Information regarding the rights of young people as they enter employment

·         A field trip to experience youth entrepreneurship and employment in practice

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