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EU funded project, managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo.


This project aims to increase the capacity of the civil-society sector. It seeks to enhance a community outreach strategy and strengthen the ability of civilians to lobby at a political level. This project will guide a selected number of civil society organizations through a process which will increase their capacity to work with local communities.  This approach will be mutually beneficial to the non-governmental sector in Northern Kosovo as well as to the local population. Civilians will be given a voice in the political process. They will be better able to articulate their needs and become an active part of the community. Civil-society organizations will help to increase the visibility of the local population whilst being able to strengthen their own work through increased cooperation and contact with the community.  This project will create a sustainable network of volunteers from within local communities which will help to benefit non-governmental organizations in Northern Kosovo.


Project objectives:


·         To strengthen the role and visibility of civil-society organisations and their work in local communities throughout Northern Kosovo

·         To create a network of volunteers in Northern Kosovo

·         To increase the presence of local non-governmental organisations on the web and social media

·         To teach non-governmental organisations how to harness social media to spread their message

·         To increase the participation of youth and local communities in the decision-making process at a local level


Project activities:


·         Training for non-governmental organizations will take them through a step-by-step process which will increase their ability to reach-out to the wider community

·         Working with local organisations to create a volunteer network and an online portal for civil-society in Northern Kosovo

·         The creation of a web portal for civil society in Northern Kosovo


Project results:


·         Increased knowledge on the value of social mobilization as a means of increasing civil participation

·         Improved relations between CSO’s and citizens

·         Increased capacity of CSO’s to use social media in community outreach and mobilization

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