Civil Society Statement Regarding the Appointment of Notaries in Kosovo

We, the undersigned representatives of civil society organizations from the Serbian community in Kosovo, express serious concern and protest regarding the decision of the Kosovo Minister of Justice on the appointment of notaries, which did not include a single notary from the Serbian community among the 100 appointed notaries. Regarding this decision, we emphasize that […]

Roadmap for Fighting Corruption and Increasing Transparency

In Ranilug, we are engaging in discussions with citizens and activists about combating corruption and enhancing transparency. The gathered audience at the panel discussion “Roadmap for Fighting Corruption and Increasing Transparency” was addressed by Yll Buleshkaj, the director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. This event is part of a series of discussions […]

NGO Aktiv Presents Report “State of Human Rights in Northern Kosovo”

On Thursday, June 27, at the Civic Energy Center in North Mitrovica, NVO Aktiv presented the report “State of Human Rights in Northern Kosovo,” which documents potential rights violations in four northern municipalities of Kosovo: North Mitrovica, Zvečan, Leposavić, and Zubin Potok, from October 2023 to May 2024. The report highlights the level of threats […]

Human rights situation in Northern Kosovo

We are presenting the Report “The State of Human Rights in Northern Kosovo State of Human Rights in Northern Kosovo” How threatened were the rights to property, freedom of religion, and security? How did inflammatory rhetoric and issues of abolishing the dinar and land expropriation impact the community? These are just some of the questions […]

First Consultative Meeting in Brezovica: Strengthening Transparency and Fighting Corruption

The first consultative meeting was held in Brezovica within the INL project, with all consortium members in attendance. During this constructive meeting, we discussed the next steps and ideas in the fight against corruption. Additionally, we talked with partner organizations about the upcoming sub-granting program and the topics from which these organizations will develop smaller […]

Report on the situation of human rights in the north of Kosovo

Reporting period: May 2024. Methodology NGO Aktiv gathered information about possible cases of hate speech and human rights violations by monitoring media reports in Serbian and Albanian, as well as through direct interviews with local residents of four northern municipalities who reported human rights violations. The report relies on universally accepted terminology and definitions of […]


June 12, 2024 11:00 AM Hotel Sirius, Pristina NGO Aktiv invites you to a conference where, as part of the project “Mitrovica Social Club: Rule of Law and Human Rights Perspectives”, a handbook for judges on the use of alternative sentencing methods and their application and effectiveness as a judicial tool aimed at strengthening the […]

Round Table on Transparency in Anti-Corruption Efforts Held in Leposavić

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, a round table titled “Roadmap for Increasing Transparency in the Fight Against Corruption” was held in Leposavić. The event was attended by representatives of civil society, the media, and Yll Bulleshkaj, Director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. During the meeting, a comprehensive road map for enhancing transparency […]

Report on the situation of human rights in the north of Kosovo Reporting period: April 2024

In April there was a noticeable uptick in hate speech related to visa liberalization and Kosovo’s accession to the European Council. Persisting pressures on citizens who use dinar that for now don’t have an optimal alternative, and additional pressures for those who use Coordination office Passports. To document events that can serve as indicators of […]

NGO Aktiv is now on Instagram!

NGO Aktiv is expanding its presence on social media platforms to better connect with the community! In addition to our existing profiles on Facebook and X, you can now follow us on Instagram too! The launch of our new Instagram profile represents a step forward in enhancing communication with the community and making ourselves more […]

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