Amplifying Local Voices for Equitable Development – Kosovo, Outcome 1

“Amplifying Local Voices for Equitable Development” is a British government funded project which will be implemented from September 2020 through August 2022. This project will be implemented in five municipalities in Kosovo, in localities where both the municipal administration and civil society have demonstrated commitment to improving the lives of all residents and would therefore reap the benefits of a project of this nature.

Through a focus on participatory social services planning, supplemented by grant funding for local civil society organisations, the project engages the expertise of the project consortium members with civil society and municipal representatives to ensure that high-quality social services are available to all. By linking citizens’ needs to municipal service planning and delivery, this project will help you ensure inclusivity and effectiveness in the delivery of social services, thereby improving the lives of all inhabitants of the municipality.

The overriding objective of this approach is to ensure that citizens in Serbia and Kosovo are better able to empathise with one another’s perspectives, play active civic roles in society and celebrate diversity.

The project is implemented in Kosovo by a consortium led by Peaceful Change initiative (PCi), a UK-registered charity, in close cooperation with People in Need (PiN), an international non-governmental organization registered in the Czech Republic, and in partnership with Aktiv, a Kosovo-based non-governmental organization.   

NGO AKTIV Mitrovica

NGO AKTIV Priština