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Description of the Project 

The current internal structure of Kosovo Police envisages the existence of a certain number of police officers trained to address domestic violence in a proper manner, but does not assure that these officers are always the first responders when such cases are reported. It would therefore be beneficial for a wider number of field police officers to be trained to adequately address the cases of domestic violence.

This project would address exactly this deficiency by offering knowledge-transfer based trainings and application of an innovative approach, more precisely, the use of real-life simulations for case analysis, aiming at the responding officers as a means of an efficient and need-based capacity development training.



1. Identification of domestic violence scenarios and development of case study simulations will be conducted by the Forum Theatre members based on the input and under the supervision of Domestic Violence Police Officers.

2. Preparation of a training program and material as well as the identification of domestic violence scenarios that will be used in simulation exercises. Development of training program will be the responsibility of Domestic Violence (gender based violence) Police Officers in cooperation with NGO AKTIV Focal Point, and in consultations with other stakeholders: Center for Social Care, Public Prosecution, Health Center, local and international organizations dealing with gender based/family violence and protection of human (women, children) rights.

3. A 5-day Forum Theatre training that will contribute towards the sensitization of the group on the subject of domestic violence.


Goal of the Project

This project will empower women by enabling efficient actions of police. In that sense will challenge the patriarchal norms of the society that perceive domestic violence as “family matter” rather than crime. That will lead to the different perspectives of socially accepted behaviours of men and women in society and contribute to gender equality.

This project sends message that all forms of gender based violence are unacceptable and that all perpetrators will be punished.

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