Partners and Supporters:

British Foreign & Commonwealth Office and German International Development Cooperation (GIZ)


To foster economic development of Northern Kosovo’s small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) by creating advantageous conditions for accessing the wider Kosovo market


Economic development is an essential factor in the process of stabilization and normalisation of inter-community relations in Kosovo.  As minority businesses (particularly Kosovo Serbs in the north) have greater difficulty accessing markets (due to a wide set of political, social and legal obstacles), it is necessary to assist ethnic minorities in developing SMEs in their communities and in gaining access to the wider market of Kosovo and the region through the creation of connections with business counterparts.  In order to achieve a market-based economic environment in northern Kosovo, it is necessary to create and deliver the following components:

  • Favourable conditions for improvements of businesses provided by stakeholders
  • Training and support as they learn to develop their businesses and products
  • Facilitate contacts between businesses in the north and the rest of Kosovo in order to create preconditions for independent economic cooperation

This will increase the level of economic cooperation between ethnic communities in Kosovo and contribute to the stabilisation of inter-community relations, enhancing substantial cooperative dynamics.
Creating these conditions will lay the foundations for increased business-driven cooperation between market entities in north and rest of Kosovo. Improved dynamics will bypass economic boundaries and contribute to the stability that is needed as a precondition for uninterrupted business progress.


  • Mapping and baseline needs assessment – This “North of Kosovo Product Map” overcomes the chronic lack of data by assessing the level of regulatory compliance and potential for growth of existing SMEs. Quantitative and qualitative data has been obtained on existing business entities, type and classification of products generated in their operations as well as level of regulatory compliance with positive law. The reports produced upon completion of the activities will offer valuable reference for all international developmental agencies operating (or preparing to initiative operations) in the north of Kosovo.
  • Production of a handbook providing information on how to gain access to the formal market in the region and how to meet the required standards and legislation relating to specific sectors.
  • Training and workshops for provideded to support the needs of companies operating in north Kosovo based on the assessment conducted during the research stage.
    • Business-to-business (B2B) meeting facilitation.  In the initial phaseof the project it is estimated that there will be five B2B meetings with two parties in each. This is a pilot activity that will help to identify obstacles and possible solutions to problems that may be encountered. These test meetings will provide the project implementation team with the necessary information in order to move forward and develop the project futher. /

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