Partners and Supporters:

Kosovo Foundation for Open Society, European Movement in Serbia

School of European Integration in Mitrovica is a one semester long educational program for members of public institutions, civil society and students from the north of Kosovo. The project aims to help citizens feel less removed from the subject of European integration. The project will promote the importance of greater knowledge on the workings of the EU, raise public awareness and encourage public dialogue regarding the process of European integration. The main objective of the School of European Integration is to create a better understanding of European Union policies. The belief is that this will lead to improved decision-making regarding local economic, political and social policies, as well as improveming cross-border cooperation and better use of EU pre-accession funds.

During the program participants will gain knowledge in several important areas.

–      Introduction to EU Institutions and EU Law

–      EU Enlargement Policy

–      EU Foreign and Security Policy

–      EU Economic Policy

–      Sectoral policies of the European Union

Participants will also gain necessary skills regarding the process of applying for EU Grants encouraging them to nominate projects for the receipt of EU funding.

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