Partners and Supporters:

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

Project description: This project aims to help facilitate and enable Kosovo Albanian and Serb communities to improve interethnic relations by increasing opportunities for formal and informal interethnic dialogue and cooperation. The project will engage with community leaders, students, woman, entrepreneurs and youth. The project encourages members from different communities to engage in a people-to-people approach on issues that both divide and bind them. Creating a space that promotes interethnic dialogue and communication enhances the likelihood of citizens being able to cooperate together on issues of shared concern.

Project activities:

  1. Preparatory phase and ongoing outreach activities
  • Public Campaign
  • Documentary
  • Publication
  1. Peer to Peer Forums
  • Peer to Peer – Musicians to Musicians
    • Production of a joint song
    • Concert in Pristina and Gracanica
    • DJ exchange
    • Joint DJ and pop/rock group appearance in Festivals
  • Peer to Peer – Students to Students
    • Visit to Kosovo Minister for EU Integration
    • Visit to EU Office in Kosovo
    • EU Integration Quiz and Retreat
  • Peer to Peer – Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur (Business to Business)
  • Peer to Peer – Artist to Artist – Art Colony Brezovica
  • Women to Women Exchanges
    • Safe-house to safe-house exchanges
    • Institutional exchanges
    • Police-to-police
  1. Public events
  • Museum/cultural sites excursions
  • “Environment is Universal”
  • Round table on Domestic Violence in north and south Kosovo
  • Art Exhibition – Pristina and Mitrovica
  1. Outreach to Young People
  • Cake Making Festival
  • Joint Sport Activity
  1. Joint work activities
  • Joint Coordination Team Formation
  • Two inter-organizational retreats
  • Joint Policy Papers on Inter-Ethnic Relations
  • Regular Staff Exchanges

NGO AKTIV Mitrovica

NGO AKTIV Priština