The overall objective of the project falls under one out of 5 objectives of NGO AKTIV: To fortify the commitment of local and central level institutions to human rights principles and democratic decision-making.

Specific objectives we will aim to achieve are the following:

1. Facilitate integration processes in northern Kosovo by addressing the obstacles in accessing documents issued by Kosovo authorities.
2. Bridging the gap between the institutions and the citizens by providing comprehensive and understandable information on the citizenship application procedures.
3. Promote the role of the Ombudsperson Institution in adressing institutional malpractices and improper implementation of the laws.

In order to achieve the abovementioned goals, NGO AKTIV will undertake the following activities:

1. Produce an informative brochure in Serbian and Roma language outlining the procedure for the application for citizenship, ID and travel documents.

The information gathered via interviews will be presented in the brochure that will be distributed in public discussions and promoted via social networks with the aim to provide information to the citizens who are struggling with obtaining documents.

2. Organize an awareness campaign to present the brochure and promote the Institution of the Ombudsperson which will include four discussions, one in each municipality, and social media campaign.

Public discussions will serve to inform the citizens about the rights and the procedures to report discrimination or poor implementation of the law to the Ombudsperson Institution. The discussion will also be used to report other examples of difficulties the citizens of these municipalities face in accessing valid documents.

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