NGO Aktiv is happy to annouce the upcoming project in cooperation with MFA of Kingdom of Norway, which will be focused on creating a bilingual Kosovo. The project “Creating Bilingual Kosovo” aims to achieve sustainable changes in institutional policies and practices related to deficiencies and malpractices in implementation of the Law on Use of Languages in Kosovo.

The project will utilize “positive” advocacy method in which evidence-based policy inputs identified in inclusive process with participation of beneficiaries are used to assist the governmental institutions to amend the legal provision, policies and practices that are the cause of language rights discrimination in Kosovo.

Generally speaking, project will target relevant decision makers in Kosovo, who carry mandate/legal responsibility for the aspired changes. In order to increase credibility of advocated changes, the demands will be based on serviceable policy recommendations based in valid legislative system. Policy recommendations will be based on evidences identified directly by the affected communities’ after their introduction to full range of language rights guaranteed by the letter of the law.

The aim of this project is to reach out, cooperate with and help Kosovo Serb community, Kosovo Albanian communities in Serb-majority municipalities, elected representatives of Serb community in Kosovo Parliament and governmental appointees, Office of Language Commissioner, as well as Kosovo Government and its institutions.

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