General knowledge quiz “Active Quiz”, organized by the NGO Aktiv, as part of the project “Active Youth – Active Community”, was held on Friday, March 11 in Osojane, Peć/Peja region. This cultural and entertainment event captured great interest among young people.

Some 50 contestants, divided into seven teams, participated in the quiz competition, while testing their general knowledge. The goal of the activity was to gather the returnees from this area, as well from other villages in the Peja region, in order to make them more active members of the society.

Young people, the participants in the quiz, stated that they lacked such events, which could bring them together and spark healthy rivalry and fun.

Aleksandar Stević from the team “Dno dna”, which won first place in the “Active Quiz”, said that the victory was not as important as socializing.

“It is a great honor to organize something like that in this small place in Kosovo. This is important for cultural advancement in this area. This is a way for us to unwind because we want to relax and socialize, and that is what we miss the most in this region”, he said.

“Active Quiz” was the second activity within the NGO Aktiv new project, which began on February 10, with gathering of young people at a concert in Osojane. The goal of these activities is to bring up everyday problems of the Serbian community in this area, such as problems with documents or exercising the right to private property.

Chess tournaments, excursions for young people, going to the Berim Ferrata, and many other interesting events are also planned. Through such cultural and recreational activities, we strive to get young people out of their comfort zone, very common for these areas.

This project is supported by the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX).

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