On Wednesday, November 30, NGO Aktiv organized a working dinner for journalists in Belgrade. Together with members of the Empirika platform, NGO Aktiv presented the work of NGO Aktiv as well as the results of the latest research and reports to media representatives in Serbia and correspondents from Belgrade.

The journalists were presented with the latest reports of the NGO Aktiv, which follow the trends in the attitudes of Kosovo Serbs and the position of non-majority communities, indicating the results related to the percentage of fulfillment of legal obligations by competent institutions and respect for the rights of communities.

Current topics related to the situation in Kosovo, the problems and needs of the Serbian community in Kosovo, the importance of dialogue in Brussels, the contribution of the civil sector from the Serbian community in monitoring the work of institutions were analyzed. They also talked about the current situation in the north of Kosovo and how the current challenges in the negotiations are reflected in the position of the Serbian community in Kosovo.

The event was attended by journalists from the agency Fonet, Federal TV, Weekly Magazine NIN, RTK, DW, Radio Gorazdevac. They were addressed by the executive director of NGO Aktiv Miodrag Milićević and the head of the NGO Aktiv Office in Belgrade, Milica Orlović.

Milićević presented the activities that NGO carries out both in Kosovo and in Belgrade, as part of projects related to policy monitoring, advocacy and education, and raising citizens’ awareness.

“Such meetings are important channels of communication, cooperation and exchange of information between journalists and civil society,” said Milićević.

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NGO AKTIV Priština