The NGO Aktiv announces two new projects: Resource Hub and Media Monitoring.

Resource Hub

AKTIV is pleased to announce the launching of a new project, supported by EULEX, that will establish a consolidated resource hub in Goraždevac and serving communities in western Kosovo in coordination and cooperation with local stakeholders. NGO AKTIV staff and local coordinators will work in the field and will seek to identify problems faced by local residents.  The hub will enable CSOs to identify and react to problems as the arise and to aid residents and to put citizens in contact with legal aid services, social welfare providers and organizations that deal with the provision of humanitarian aid. It will also allow CSOs to deepen their cooperation with the public sector, while at the same time increasing the level of institutional knowledge and accountability towards underserved communities.

Media Monitoring

Supported by the National Democratic Institute (NDI), AKTIV will begin comprehensive monitoring efforts that will seek to identify disinformation on social and traditional media outlets. This will also involve consultations with local stakeholders in the form of round-table discussions in North Mitrovica, Goraždevac and Štrpce. Finally, the project foresees the publication of a comprehensive guide to identifying disinformation and ‘fake news.’

NGO AKTIV Mitrovica

NGO AKTIV Priština