NGO Aktiv is launching an open telephone line to report any type of excessive force, mistreatment or any other inappropriate behavior of members of the police force in the north of Kosovo.

In this way, we want to encourage citizens to break their silence and report inappropriate police behavior.

“The goal is to record the cases and to direct those who called to report cases to the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo in order to open an official investigation and to carry out direct supervision over the numerous cases that are known but which have not been officially reported to the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo”, the NGO said.

The phone number where citizens can report cases is +381 (0) 64 310 6660.

How to report?

On working days from 08:00 to 16:00, an employee of NGO Aktiv will be available to record the details of an incident and provide the necessary information on the mechanisms for submitting a complaint.

After 16:00 and during weekends and holidays, the phone line will be open for receiving SMS messages. An NGO Aktiv official will contact you the next working day to verify the case and record further details.

NGO Aktiv announces that in this way it wants to serve as a bridge between dissatisfied citizens and relevant authorities.

“In this way, we encourage citizens to report incidents by members of the Kosovo Special Police. At the same time, NGO Aktiv in no way intends to replace the mandate of official institutions, but rather to serve in this institutional vacuum as an initial contact for citizens in an effort to report such cases”, says NGO Aktiv.

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