“Tackle the existing stereotypes and prejudices in Kosovo”

NGO AKTIV invites all student/youth groups from of all ethnic backgrounds to propose youth cooperation initiatives that will be supported through the project Transforming Conflicting Perceptions through Increased Civic and Community Engagement in Kosovo and implemented by student/youth groups.

Within the framework of the project, and after the production of the Index of Ethnic Stereotypes in Kosovo (a consolidated record of documented stereotypical characteristics that influence ethnic relations in Kosovo) and The introduction of mutual language learning in Kosovo: A tentative Roadmap (paper addresses the issue of the language gap existing between Kosovo Albanians and Kosovo Serbs),  students will be offered the opportunity to propose and implement activities based on the problems identified by the studies.

Students are invited to propose grass-root youth cooperation initiative that will be supported through this project and implemented by student/youth and members of the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation (KCR).

The best initiative will be selected and supported with a grant of up to 5,000 EUR.  This initiative will be implemented by KCR in close cooperation with student/youth groups. Under this call one (1) initiative will be supported.

The types of activities that may be supported by this call are as follows:


The following types of activities will not be supported:

Application Procedure

All initiative proposals should include:

1) A description of the applicant(s) (one or more), including basic background information (CVs of all applicants), a short motivation letter and a copy of Kosovo ID;

2) An outline of the project, including:

3) A brief (two to three sentences) overview of the estimated expenses that will be incurred by the activities.)

Please fill in the application form.

The KCR will support and implement a limited number of initiatives (1) that may last up to two (2) months in duration and that will have a maximum budget of 5,000 Euros.

The deadline for the submission of project proposals is 15.03.2022.

Applications should be submitted to: info@ngoaktiv.org

You can get receive information via email igor.markovic@ngoaktiv.org or by calling +38349614908 and + 381642585592.

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