Regarding malicious and offensive claims made by Nebojša Jović, published on his personal Facebook profile, the content of which was also republished on certain portals, in relation to the announced public gathering of the Movement for the Defense of Kosovo and Metohija, NGO Aktiv announces that it is in no way connected with the cancellation of the announced event.

Moreover, it would be naive to believe that a local non-governmental organization has executive powers or a mandate to approve or prohibit political gatherings, or any events of public nature. In this sense, such name-calling, targeted against our organization, is, first and foremost, in the service of masking the true reasons for the cancellation of the said meeting.

Without going into the details or motives of the published release, there is no justification for labeling the organization and individuals from the NGO Aktiv, which has since its establishment, always advocated for an open and inclusive dialogue, not only in the north but also beyond. Therefore, we do not hide our disappointment with this kind of procedure and public name-calling, which in every sense exceeds the limits of elementary decency. At the same time, we caution that this is an instance of targeting of an individual, that can lead to endangering physical safety.

It is clear that this kind of rhetoric is to a large extent characteristic of a confrontation between people who are not politically like-minded, to which both NGO Aktiv, and Miodrag Milićević, have never nor will ever be part of. We especially emphasize that the NGO Aktiv has never, nor will ever, support any political gatherings and will make an effort to keep its focus and energy on topics of broader social interest.

Without wishing to enter into any further public discussion on this topic, mentioning of the organization and its executive director in an extremely negative and tabloid context is, to say the least, uncalled for and will be subject to further assessment by Aktiv’s legal advisors, on potential further steps to be taken to protect the integrity of the organization and personality.



NGO Aktiv,

8 March 2023. Mitrovica

NGO AKTIV Mitrovica

NGO AKTIV Priština