Head of the NGO AKTIV Office in Belgrade, Milica Orlović met last week, on May 5th, with the representative of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) for Southeast Europe, Andrea Blažanović.

Orlović presented to date achievements as well as the future plans of the Office in Belgrade. She mentioned challenges which NGO Aktiv faced as an active part of the civil society in Serbia but also what opportunities the implementation of activities created and what was the strategy related to current and future activities.

Focus of the meeting was on the existing strategy of the NGO AKTIV Office in Belgrade, as well as on plans of the future actions in terms of bilateral communication with various socio-political actors and international community representatives. NED was interested to hear about the Belgrade’s Office strategy and its direction when it came to future activities planning.

In addition, Orlović emphasized that NGO AKTIV sought to deepen cooperation with the civil society organizations and other relevant stakeholders, especially strengthening social, cultural and professional connections between Kosovo and Serbia as well as to contribute general public to better understand complexity of the dialogue process which affects various aspects of everyday lives of the citizens.

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