Mitrovica Social Club: Debate on youth civic activism

The vibrant energy of the youth took center stage tonight as the Mitrovica Social Club hosted a compelling debate, bringing together young voices from both the Serbian and Albanian communities in northern and southern Mitrovica, which was held on November 10, at the Civic Energy Center, in North Mitrovica.

Recognizing the daily challenges they face, these young individuals openly addressed relevant issues during the evening’s discussion. As part of the interactive youth debate, attendees had the opportunity to view the documentary film “Found-Out” and the film “Sigurt.”

Youth participants and representatives from youth organizations of both communities gathered at the Community and Education Center (CEC) with a shared objective – to initiate a discourse on civic activism, trust-building, and the exchange of ideas surrounding common priorities.

Established in 2014, the Mitrovica Social Club has evolved into a pivotal platform for open discussions in the north of Kosovo. Over the years, the program has cultivated a distinctive image, a dedicated audience, and a reputable standing within the local community. This reputation positions the club as a catalyst for constructive dialogues among residents on topics of interest and concern.

The debate on youth civic activism, an integral component of the Mitrovica Social Club, is organized by the OSCE mission in Kosovo in close collaboration with the non-governmental organization Aktiv.

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