A group of 100 students, including 82 students of the European Master’s in Human Rights and Democratization from Venice and 18 students of the University of Vienna’s Master’s Program in Human Rights, visited the NGO Aktiv in North Mitrovica on January 22, 2024.

Having presented the basic goals and activities of the organization, the representatives of NGO Aktiv emphasized the importance of civic initiatives and cooperation with the local community. During the discussion, special focus was on the position of the Kosovo Serb community as well as inter-ethnic relations. Students expressed interest in the specifics of life in this part of Kosovo. Opinions were exchanged about the current socio-political situation in Kosovo.

The students also visited the premises of the NGO Aktiv, and visited the social hub of the Civic Energy Center, where a discussion on current topics was organized. This meeting represents a significant step towards the exchange of knowledge and experiences, providing an opportunity for dialogue on relevant social and political issues.

NGO AKTIV Mitrovica

NGO AKTIV Priština