In the period from January 1st to June 30th 2022, fifty-one (51) security incidents were recorded throughout Kosovo, according to the semi-annual report of the Rapid Reaction Civic Group (RRCG), which was established by NGO Aktiv.

Various kinds of incidents were recorded, including physical attacks, thefts, damage and insults, in 21 municipalities, the largest number of which (20) were in the Pristina region. In the municipality of Leposavić /Lleposaviq 11 incidents were registered, followed by 7 incidents in Kamenica Kamenicë, and five incidents in Peć/Peja.

Out of 51 incidents, the largest number, 14 of them, involved damage or theft of religious and property of the Serbian Orthodox Church, while 13 incidents constituted various forms of damage, burglary or robbery of households. In addition, RRCG documented seven physical attacks, one each in Goraždevac/Gorazhdevc, Straža/Strazhë, Gračanica/Graçanicë, Babin Most/Babi Most, Obilić/Obiliq, Staro Gracko/Grack e Vjetër and Banja/ Banjë.

There were six thefts or damage to property belonging to public institutions, while five thefts or damage to private movable property were logged. RRCG recorded 6 instances of provocative graffiti.

Based on the RRCG report, during 2021, 87 incidents were noted in majority Serbian areas in Kosovo, the largest number of which were directed at the facilities and property of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In surveys, the security situation was noted as being the most important by members of Serian and other non-majority communities.

The RRCG was established in 2020, with the aim of monitoring the implementation of measures undertaken by central and local institutions in the fight against COVID-19, monitoring the vaccination process, the security situation, including in the institutional response in relation to the various needs of citizens in areas inhabited by members of non-majority communities, as well as Albanian communities in four municipalities in the north of Kosovo.

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