Contribution of NGOs in Combating Corruption

Organized by the NGO Aktiv and the NGO Center for Advocacy of Democratic Culture (ACDC), a panel discussion titled “Roadmap for the Fight Against Corruption and Increasing Transparency” took place at the Civic Energy Center in Gračanica on January 18. Representatives from the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption in Kosovo (APK) and civil society participated in the event.

During the discussion, participants underscored the imperative for greater transparency and the ongoing collective effort to combat corruption in municipalities with a Serbian majority. Yll Buleshkaj, Director of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption, emphasized that the Agency, in the preceding period, addressed numerous cases based on citizen reports, ensuring that the law was consistently followed.

“I can guarantee that in every case the law is followed. Regardless of the reporting source, everyone receives equal treatment, irrespective of their function or ethnicity. In this way, we are trying to contribute to making life a little better for citizens”, said Buleshkaj.

Buleshkaj highlighted the significance of collaboration between the Agency and the public reporting corruption cases, encouraging continuous questioning and emphasizing that there is no wrong reporting.

“And in cases where you are not sure whether it is actually corruption, it is better to report the case, because the competent institutions will certainly investigate it and if nothing is found, everyone will be happy, but if something is discovered, society benefits by preventing another case of corruption”, he pointed out.

This meeting marked the initiation of the new phase of the project “Improving transparency and the rule of law in communities with a Serb-majority population”. The project’s goals, outlined by project manager Vladimir Jovanović, from NGO Aktiv, focus primarily on four municipalities in the north of Kosovo.

“The project aims to enhance citizens’ participation in decision-making processes through sustainable mechanisms, allowing stakeholders to monitor local authorities, non-governmental sectors, and courts more diligently. Specific objectives include training civil society organizations, local government officials, and media representatives on corruption-related matters”, said Jovanović.

The discussion addressed successful instances of reported corruption, suspected corruption, and recognition of corrupt practices. The procedure for reporting corruption and the guaranteed protection of whistleblowers were outlined. Participants emphasized the importance of raising awareness among citizens and advocated reporting every case of corruption.

NGO Aktiv also introduced the ABER application, a digital tool designed for reporting corruption in municipalities, accessible to all communities.

This event is organized within the framework of the project Improving transparency and the rule of law in communities with a Serb-majority population, implemented by NGO AKTIV and Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture (ACDC) with the financial support of the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Bureau (INL.).

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