A workshop was held with the representatives of Kosovo Specialist Chambers

As part of the public outreach program of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC), on February 8, 2023, a workshop was held with local residents in Goraždevac, organized by NGO Aktiv and Radio Goraždevac.

During the presentation, the KSC spokesperson Michael Doyle and media and communication assistant Emma Skehan, presented the mandate and structure of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers as well as the question of victim participation in court processes.

In addition, the competence of the KSC for crimes against humanity, war crimes and other crimes was discussed, as was the timeframe that the lawsuits cover, and in which area and against whom indictments can be filed. Also, the rulebook on procedure and evidence, the way in which victims participate in processes, communication with the population, are some of the topics that were addressed presentation.

As part of the public information campaign on the work of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, NGO Aktiv will continue to organize meetings aimed at providing more detailed information to citizens related to the functioning of the KSC.

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