10. December. 2016. | 3:24

Sustainable agriculture for sustainable Balkans: Strengthening advocacy capacities of CSOs and developing policies in the Western Balkans

Status: Ongoing

Duration: 01/01/2016 - 01/01/2020

Partners and Supporters:

European Union


Overall objective of the project is to contribute to sustainability and advocacy capacities of CSOs and regular networking of CSOs at regional level in the Western Balkans targeted countries.

Specific objectives are to:

1. Strengthen advocacy, networking and watchdog role capacities and internal governance of CSOs in targeted countries in sustainable agriculture;

2. Strengthen cooperation of CSOs with public authorities and science, and to increase level of recognition of CSOs working through creation of regional Platform for sustainable agriculture in the Western Balkans region;

3. Raise profile and increase awareness of general public about importance and role of CSOs in sustainable agriculture in targeted countries.

Expected results:

Strengthened capacities of CSOs and grassroots organisations in targeted countries for watchdog role and advocacy towards public authorities. Facilitated creation of an enabling environment for the development and work of grass-root organisations advocating for sustainable agriculture. Improved CSOs capacities for internal governance and strategic long-term organisational planning. Created conditions for recognition of CSOs as relevant stakeholders in decision making and reform process by public institutions and citizens. Increased awareness of importance of sustainable agriculture for socio-economic development in targeted countries of the WB region.

Project is funded by European Union and managed by ORCA, AKTIV, CZIP, IEP and Florozom.

AKTIV project manager:

Aca Mitic


+38164 06 05 373