10. December. 2016. | 3:28

Increasing the Participation of Serbian CSOs in the Work and Monitoring of Parliamentary Committees

Status: Finished

Partners and Supporters:

European Union Office in Kosovo and Kosovar Civil Society Foundation

The project goal is to contribute to advocacy and lobbying efforts of North Kosovo CSOs at the central level. By establishing close ties between the North Kosovo CSOs and the central level Assembly Committees a direct channel for communication of North Kosovo citizens’ needs will be established.

Target group: Kosovo Serb community, CSOs members of Platform for Analysis and Research, Members of Parliament.

Final beneficiaries: CSOs members of Platform for Analysis and Research.


R1: At least 12 (3 per committee) committee sessions and at least 2 plenary sessions of the Kosovo Assembly observed by the organisations, members of Platform for Analysis and Research.

R2: Channels of communication and cooperation between representatives of 10 North Kosovo CSOs and Assembly Committees are maintained and strengthened;

R3: At least 4 advocacy initiatives launched towards Parliament;

R4: General public is introduced with parliamentarian initiatives and practices on the matters of particular interests to the Serbian community;


Activity 1: Inception phase.

Activity 2: Information gathering and preparation of the policy recommendations.

Activity 2.1: Preparatory activities for the round tables.

Activity 2.2: 4 Round tables on topics tailor-made for the contribution to the work of the pre-selected committees.

Activity 3: Visits to the Parliament and Parliamentary Committees

Activity 3.1: Final conference presenting results of the monitoring activities


More about the grant scheme is available at:  http://www.kcsfoundation.org/eugrants

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