10. December. 2016. | 3:27

Enhancing cooparation between northern Kosovo businesses and the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce

Status: Finished


Partners and Supporters:


The overall goal of the project is to support northern Kosovo businesses in enhancing cooperation with the business sector operating in accordance with the Kosovo legislative framework, through the facilitation of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce. This will be achieved through:

Objective 1. Increasing information and know-how for registering businesses under the Kosovo framework through targeted distribution of 500 brochures throughout northern Kosovo, as well as facilitating the resolution of existing operational difficulties to carry out business in line with the Kosovo framework in northern Kosovo through the organization of three closed meetings  in Pristina between groups of northern Kosovo businesses and various Kosovo institutions and actors.

Objective 2. Enhancing contact and cooperation between northern Kosovo businesses and the KCC through  a) organizing a joint conference in North Mitrovica; b) exploring concrete possibilities for cooperation between businesses, KCC and relevant actors in two closed meetings in Pristina; and, c) publishing a report with specific recommendations for further cooperation between northern businesses and the KCC at the conclusion of the project.

Objective 3. Supporting the creation of cross-institutional synergies and exploring possibilities for increased links between 30 northern Kosovo businesses and relevant actors by organizing a second conference in North Mitrovica.