In a  presentation held on 27th of June, local and international representatives, community representatives, non-governmental organizations and human rights advocates gathered to address the crucial issue of the report ,,Strengthening Institutional Responses to Security Incidents,, within non-majority (Serbian) communities,,. The event, organized by the NGO AKTIV and KIPRED Institute, supported by UNMIK aimed to shed light on the institutional response to reported incidents throughout 2020 and 2021and enhance public accountability at the local and central levels, ultimately fostering trust in institutions, improving inter-ethnic relations, and enhancing the sense of security within the Serbian community.

The presentation highlighted the challenges faced by Kosovo Serb community, particularly in regions where they are a minority.  In the analysis of received data revealed a significant number of reported cases during the reporting period, with 76 cases in 2020 and 87 cases in 2021, as documented by the RRCG. These figures drew international attention, including concern of the US Department of State, as highlighted in the Kosovo 2020 and 2021 Human Rights Reports. However, despite these considerable numbers, there has been a lack of systematic response from the rule of law institutions, specifically the Kosovo Police and judiciary, regarding these matters. It shed light on the need to enhance existing institutional frameworks to effectively respond to security incidents and protect the rights of individuals belonging to this and other ethnic communities.

Key speakers emphasized the importance of inclusivity, cooperation, and trust-building between law enforcement agencies, local authorities, and non-majority Serbian communities. They stressed that an integrated approach involving proactive measures, community engagement, and capacity-building initiatives is vital to prevent security incidents and promptly address them when they occur.

This presentation marks a significant milestone in recognizing the unique challenges faced by non-majority Serbian communities and paves the way for more comprehensive and inclusive institutional responses to security incidents. With a renewed commitment to protecting human rights and fostering social cohesion, the hope is that these measures will contribute to a safer and more harmonious society for all its members.Pls follow the link to access full report:

NGO AKTIV Mitrovica

NGO AKTIV Priština