Completed process of participatory planning of social services

Within the last meetings of the Advisory Groups held in the previous month in the municipalities of Štrpce/Shtërpcë, Peć/Peja and Leposavić/Leposaviq, we completed the process of participatory planning of social services (PPSS) in the mentioned municipalities.

During the meetings, we summarized the results achieved in the first year of the implementation of the Action Plans for the implementation of Municipal strategies for improving social and family services, as well as possible and necessary changes that should be made in the Action Plans for the next period. With the help of consultants hired by the NGO Aktiv, the Action Plans were modified and delivered electronically to all members of the Advisory Groups in both languages. Also, Aktiv distributed translations of municipal strategies and action plans into English, for the purpose of fundraising for the implementation of these action plans in the future.

Advisory groups were formed within the framework of the ALVED project for the development of municipal strategies for the improvement of social and family services, and they are made up of representatives of municipalities and civil society organizations. After a series of meetings and workshops and with the technical assistance of consultants, where the most vulnerable categories of local residents, challenges and shortcomings in the provision of social services were considered, the Advisory Groups drafted Municipal Strategies with Action Plans for the improvement of social and family services in 2022 – 2024, which were submitted Municipal assemblies and mayors for further procedures.

These documents were adopted by the Štrpce/Shtërpcë Municipal Assembly on September 24, 2021, by the Pejë/Peć Municipal Assembly on September 30 of the same year, and by the Leposavić/Leposaviq Municipal Assembly on July 5, 2022.

Active would like to thank everyone who took part in the work of the Advisory Groups of the ALVED project, for the benefit and well-being of their fellow citizens.

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