9. July. 2021. | 10:02 | Reports

Vaccination in the Kosovo system

NGO Aktiv’s Rapid Response Civic Group (RRCG) has been collecting relevant information on the problems of the Serb community in Kosovo since April this year. A total of 14 coordinators worked on the grounds of the municipalities of North Mitrovica, Gracanica, Peja/Peć, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Vushtrri/Vučitrn, Rahovec/Orahovac, Strpce/Štrpce, Novo Brdo, Gora and Prizren, with the aim of responding in a timely and efficient manner to events of great importance to members of non-majority communities.

This time, we focused on the topic of vaccination of Serbs in Kosovo.

In the infographic below, find out when immunization started in Serb areas in Kosovo, at which locations, and what was its course:

Vaccination in the Kosovo system

Vaccinations in Kosovo Serb communities


The work of the Rapid Response Civic Group, as well as infographics, are supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD) and the Peaceful Change Initiative (PCI).