9. May. 2021. | 11:15 | Policy Documents

The Official Bilingualism in Kosovo – Key Preconditions and Challenges

The publication “Official Bilingualism in Kosovo - Key Preconditions and Challenges” is the final research document on the project “Creating a Bilingual Kosovo”. This project was implemented by the NGO AKTIV in the period from October 2018 to March 2021, based on the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Priština. The project was implemented with the aim of improving respect for language rights in Kosovo, primarily the equal institutional use of the Albanian and Serbian languages. This publication is a kind of "legacy" of the project. It should serve as a source of knowledge about the shortcomings of the system of protection of language rights in Kosovo, but also as a guide for further work on overcoming those shortcomings.

The publication “Official Bilingualism in Kosovo - Key Prerequisites and Challenges” seeks to contribute to expert and theoretical discussion on the problems of official bilingualism in Kosovo. The questions it raises and the solutions it offers are not final. It is necessary for it to serve as an occasion for other actors, primarily those who come from institutions, to get involved in the conversation about these problems and potential solutions.