22. June. 2021. | 10:07 | Reports


The overriding goal of this research is to examine the views of members of the Kosovo Serb community on their relationship with Kosovo’s institutional and power structures and to measure the extent to which those structures are prepared to recognize and adequately protect their legal and constitutional rights. It will examine their perceptions of their current position within Kosovo and to what extent they feel that their community/collective interests are adequately represented at the political level. As a general conclusion, this study will seek to determine the extent to which the current institutional and political systems are prepared to integrate accept Kosovo Serbs and whether or not Kosovo Serbs are prepared to participate in that system.

Authors: Caleb Waugh, Darko Dimitrijevic

This paper is published within OPEN, a project carried out by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) in cooperation with the organizations NGO AKTIV and CMPZ. Views expressed in this publication are exclusively those of the research authors and are not necessarily the views of KFOS.

Community rights in Kosovo