10. December. 2016. | 3:30

Provide sustainable framework for civic participation and democratic decision-making on local and central institutional level in Kosovo

Status: Finished

Partners and Supporters:

Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo, Danida and Kosovar Civil Society Foundation

The objective of the project: 

The objective declares commitment of the organization to contribute to pluralistic and inclusive decision-making practices in Kosovo that take into account interests and needs of minority communities as a prerequisite for the creation of democratic and tolerant society.

Results of the Action:

1. Increased democratic practices in the decision-making process in Kosovo through the effective inclusion of Kosovo Serb civil sector in policy-level action.

2. Improved cooperation dynamics between central level institutions and minority groups.

3. Increased capacity of Kosovo Serb CSO to influence political developments in Kosovo


1. Activity 1.1 Open Dialogue Forum – Views Arena

2. Activity 1.2 Mitrovica Social Club

3. Activity 1.3 Accountability Sofa

4. Activity 1.4 Create trilingual information sharing capacity of AKTIV

5. Activity 2.1 Kosovo political system- training program

6. Activity 2.2 Obtain expert research support: national level consultancy;

7.Activity 2.3 Obtain research quality assurance support – desk researchers and statistical analysis

8. Activity 2.4 Produce two annual Trend Analysis studies

                9. Activity 2.5 Produce four (4) policy papers addressed to central Kosovo authorities

The Action will take place in the four Serb-majority municipalities of North Kosovo and will impact Kosovo-Serb community, CSOs representing the interests of Kosovo Serb community and national and local-level decision-makers.

Project news

Trend Analysis Publication and Presentation

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Accountability Sofa

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Trend Analysis 2017

17. November. 2017. | 3:35

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