20. January. 2021. | 10:32

We are hiring! Open call for one (1) external expert on conflict sensitivity

In December of 2020, following preparatory activities, NGO Aktiv and PeaceNexus (PN) signed a partnership agreement on strengthening NGO AKTIV’s organizational capacity to mainstream conflict sensitivity in its strategy and programming. Through this process, NGO Aktiv seeks to strengthen its ability to navigate effectively its complex socio-political environment; take concrete steps to avoid inadvertently contributing to increase(s) in social and/or ethnic tension and use its programming to systematically foster greater social cohesion.

In terms of increasing its organizational capacities for conflict sensitivity, NGO Aktiv’s ambition is hence twofold:

a) Develop an overall strategic plan (2021-2024) that takes conflict sensitivity into consideration.

b) Ensure that NGO Aktiv has the necessary internal knowledge and awareness of conflict sensitivity to incorporate it effectively into its day-to-day practices. 

To meet these objectives, NGO Aktiv seeks the accompaniment of an external expert, who will guide the organization’s leadership in identifying strategic measures required to accomplish the overall objective as well as coach the NGO Aktiv staff members in developing practices and techniques of conflict sensitivity programming into everyday programmatic operations. The detailed ToR is given below:

Scope of work and deliverables

The conflict sensitivity expert(s) will be expected to:

  1. Carefully review (with a conflict sensitivity lens) the current draft of the organization’s development strategy for the period 2021-2024 and conduct additional analysis necessary for its finalization, by:
  • Supporting NGO Aktiv in updating the context analysis within the strategy and ensuring that it accurately reflects looming and/or potential socio-political changes in its environment. This process is also expected to lead to the identification of the main risks and challenges in NGO Aktiv’s work, including to the safety of its staff members in the current socio-political climate and to the recommendation of steps that can be taken in order to manage and mitigate those risks.
  • Deliverables: Prepare and conduct a tailored conflict analysis session with key members of NGO Aktiv’s team; write up a comprehensive analysis (based on the session with NGO Aktiv, the consultant’s own research and feedback collected from stakeholders) and discuss the findings with NGO Aktiv.  
  • Collecting and analysing targeted input and feedback from NGO Aktiv’s stakeholders and representatives of beneficiary communities related to perceptions of the credibility and accountability of NGO Aktiv’s work in order to propose means through which NGO Aktiv can strengthen their connections and channels of cooperation and communication with the wider community.
  • Deliverables: Proposed plan for the consultations (list of interlocutors and drat questions); raw & anonymized data from the consultations; report summarising the outcomes from the consultations with stakeholders, including by outlining a) NGO Aktiv’s strengths and weaknesses according to stakeholders; b) strategic questions and options deriving from the consultations.
  1. Support NGO Aktiv in finalizing its organisational strategy.  The final strategy should a) enable Aktiv to maintain its strategic focus by narrowing the current gap between the priorities of Aktiv’s beneficiaries (constituent communities) and those of the donor community b)  enable Aktiv to strengthen and expand its ties and synergies with its constituencies, stakeholders and partners c) Outline strategic directions including policy work and products, means of improving the quality of current policy/research outputs and increasing the impact of those outputs.

To meet this objective, the consultant will be required to:

  • Facilitate strategy development workshop(s) with Aktiv’s team
  • Deliverable: Workshop agenda, facilitated discussions, summary of conclusions from workshop(s)
  • Provide feedback and drafting support on the strategy document, as required by NGO Aktiv
  • Deliverable: A revised Development Strategy for 2021-2024 that incorporates the points outlined in Section 1 and 2 of the Scope of Work.
  1. Support NGO Aktiv in developing a corresponding operational plan which:
  • Captures how the strategic objectives will be met and outlines concrete timelines, key roles as well as human-resource needs.
  • Determines how the operational/action plan will be monitored and reviewed with key milestones and success indicators.
  • Identifies measures to improve the quality of internal cooperation between various intra-organization departments, and to fully utilize the opportunities and advantages of offices in North Mitrovica, Belgrade and Pristina.
  • Identifies remaining open questions when it comes to organizational capacity and outlines concrete measures to strengthen capacity.
  • Deliverables: preparation and facilitation of workshop; draft operational plan based on the discussion; final plan based on NGO Aktiv’s feedback.
  1. Provide targeted mentoring support to NGO Aktiv’s team on the organisational and programmatic integration of conflict sensitivity tools
  • Deliverables: In the course of his/her mandate, the consultant is expected to continuously build NGO Aktiv’s organisational capacities. The consultant should therefore ensure that the workshops he/she facilitates include targeted capacity development elements, as agreed with Aktiv’s leadership. The consultant(s) will also be expected to provide a final report/debriefing note which outlines his/her recommendations regarding the implementation of the strategy and the strengthening of internal capacities.


As outlined above, the work assigned to the external expert will involve the following:

  • Background analyses and desk research.
  • Field visits/interviews with NGO Aktiv’s stakeholders and partners.
  • Direct work with NGO Aktiv staff in the form of three (3) workshops.

The expert will be expected, through background analysis and desk research, to gain a deeper understanding about the achievements and challenges faced by NGO Aktiv over previous strategic periods. Through field work (interviews) the expert will be able to gain insight into perceptions that external stakeholders and partners hold about the quality, relevance and future potential of NGO Aktiv’s work. The expert will also be expected to gather preliminary inputs from members of the wider community in terms of their needs/priorities that will also allow for the management of future expectations. The expert will work under the supervision of NGO Aktiv. PeaceNexus, which supports NGO Aktiv in this process, will provide additional feedback along the way.

  1. Timeline

It is anticipated that the expert will need approximately 30 consultancy days to complete this assignment between mid-February and June/July 2021.

  1. Qualifications


  • No less than five (5) years of professional experience working in the civil-society sector in Kosovo and region.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with conflict sensitivity concepts and demonstrated experience in conducting context and conflict analyses.
  • Past experience developing and drafting organizational strategies.
  • Excellent facilitation skills.
  • Experience in the provision of capacity-building consultancy with civil society organizations in Kosovo; demonstrated understanding of the local context.
  • Fluency in English and local languages.


  • Familiarity with NGO AKTIV’s core themes (non-majority rights; accountability; cross-community dialogue).
  • Experience with advocacy and policy influencing.
  1. Applications procedure

Interested parties should submit the following documentation to applications@ngoaktiv.org no later than the 17th of February 2021:

  • A detailed curriculum vitae
  • A letter of interest outlining the applicant’s interest in and qualifications for the position and examples of past similar work
  • A proposed methodology and timeline for the completion of work
  • A financial offer
  • Contacts for three (3) professional references/past clients 

NGO Aktiv is open to individual applications as well as to teams of consultants. Consultants applying as a team need to outline in their letter of interest how they will divide the work among themselves.