26. July. 2018. | 03:50

The voting model in Kosovo needs to be simplified

Today NGO Aktiv and the Institute for Democracy for Development (D4D) organized a workshop on election justice and integrity of elections in Kosovoin the Civic Energy Center with participation of representatives of the institutions responsible for the election process –Xhemajl Peçani, on behalf of the Secretariat of the Central Election Commission (CEC),MulDesku, the Election Complaints and Appeals Panel, Shyqyri Sula, the Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Court in Mitrovica, as well as members of relevant civil society organizations and citizens interested in this topic. The workshop was supported by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss Embassy.

The discussion was initiated by views on the role of central election bodies in preserving the integrity of the electoral process, whereby it was emphasizedthat "if there is no equal approach and transparency both at the central and local level, the integrity of the process will be compromised," as MrPeçani from Central Election Commission pointed out.

The representative of the Election Complaints and Appeals Panelbriefed the audience on theprocedures for complaints and appeals. Among other things, MrDesku explainedthat there are several stages in the election process and that for each stage there is adeadline that must be respected when filing complaints.

When asked about the role of the Basic Prosecution in cases of criminal offenses against electoral rights, Shyqyri Sula, the Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Court in Mitrovica, said that the last elections saw a significantly smaller number of criminal charges and that the conditions for voting in Kosovo were better in comparison to the previous years.

After the constructive discussion of all participants a number of recommendations was formulated for all three institutions. It was emphasized that this year could bean ideal one for most of the issues to be resolved by implementing the existing action plan. Possible solutions for the issue of deadlines in appeals procedures, a better linkage with local governments and Municipal Election Commissions and their more active role in the information campaigns as well as simplification of the voting model and a solution that would enable displaced persons in Serbia and the diaspora to vote were suggested. Equal rights for everyone is the rule that must be respected and also the message that was sent from today's event.