26. June. 2020. | 11:51

SporaZoom: Stuck at the Crossroads

Following EU Special Envoy Miroslav Lajčák’s visit to Pristina and Belgrade and the announcement of meeting in Washington between Kosovo and Serbia representatives, a question arises as to whether the normalization process is moving on ‘two tracks’, the one being American and the other European. Or else, is it the part of the same path, with one phase being economic and the other political?

Tonight’s SporaZoom episode will host Jelena Milić, Director of the Center of Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS), Ramush Tahiri, political analyst from Pristina and Lazar Rakić, Programme Manager at Alternative Dispute Resolution Center – Mediation Center (ADRC, Mitrovica).

SporaZoom will be aired on Wednesday, 24th of June at 21pm, on following TV stations: Mir, Herc, Puls, Kim i Mitrovica, as well as on the Facebook profile of TV show SporaZoom.