15. October. 2020. | 09:25

Sporazoom: Normalization on two tracks

What was the EU administration reaction, behind the scenes, to reaching the Washington Agreement? Will the Washington document contribute to the EU’s efforts to bring both sides to an agreement on the comprehensive normalization? In what ways does it complement the EU approach and does it deviate from it and at what point?



In the show Sporazum, these issues will be addressed with the senior associate of the Council for the Policy of Democratization in Berlin, Bod Weber, the executive director of the Kosovo Institute for Political Research and Development KIPRED, Ljuljzim Peci, and the program director of the NGO Aktiv, Miodrag Marinkovic.

Wednesday, October 14 at 9 pm, on TV Mir, TV Puls, TV Herc, TV Kim, TV Mitrovica and social networks.

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