23. September. 2019. | 03:20

SevdahBABY in MSC: We are lacking critical thinking

Milan Stanković, a prominent Belgrade-based musician, widely known as SevdahBABY, was a guest of the Mitrovica Social Club, where, after having a discussion with local audience, he had a DJ set session.


Mr. Stanković shared his views on conditions in which people in Serbia make art and how they live, as well as his standpoints on music as an instrument of political expression, as a method of criticism, mockery, all as a powerfull tool for conveying disagreement and resentment towards the contemporaray political and social phenomena.


At the same time, the situation in the region is far from simple.

’’During the last year I actually realized that there are no reasons for me to be silent. The appearance of Barbara Životić was comic as itself. I did that because I perceive it as socially useful work. For me it was a challenge, both from the artistic and creative side of it. To create something that is not related to music – music from the rhythm of the speech. They spill out so many wrongful and terrible stuff, frequently grammatically incorrect, therefore I simply had to create something that will get people more engaged’’ – said the artist.

Milan added that ’’if everyone did what they know best, if they spared some time to improve our society, many of the problems would be solved. Otherwise, everyone will just pursue its own individual interests.’’ He pointed out that people all around the world are rebelling, hence, our society should use the rebellion as a legitimate means such as civic disobedience, but more often than usual, as a way of bringing attention to the actual problem.

His criticism of the widespread societal apathy, which came as a consequence of a lack of will of coping with main problems, does not exclude musical circles, stating that he often feels lonely in the omnipresent musical grumbling, where he produces his remixes out of anger and powerlessness and as a way of ‘cheering himself up’.

’’People just have a semblance of luck, because the stores are still filled with goods’’, said Milan, pointing out that currently the biggest problems of Serbian society are the lack of availability of accurate and objective information, the absence of desire of getting the right information by people, while they simultaneously lose the analytical and critical way of thinking.’’

‘’We need some kind of cataclysmic scenario, such as empty stores, where people would hopefully realize how to actually think critically. I wouldn’t quite like for such a scenario to happen to us’’, said our guest, while hoping that that better times are going to come, where musicians will be able to create normal music.

And, the normal music in the career of SevdahBABY has produced many hits - „Ljubi me brzo, žurim“ (Kiss me quickly, I’m in a rush), „Tri poljupca“ (Three kisses), „Beton lady“ (Concrete Lady), „Ti mi se tako sviđaš“ (I like you so much), „Karta“ (The Ticket)… He cooperated with numerious musicians - Điks, Sonya Fox, Shobaya, Katarinom Sotirović and many, many others…

In the end, Milan Stanković promised that he will appear more in front of cameras, so that the audience could understand who is the SevdahBABY. Meanwhile, Milan is a person who realized that sevdah is a universal feeling, some kind of a willing fall into melancholy, a general characteristic of the human soul, which, at the same time, portrays Balkan folk, blues and funky music with its authentic colors. One may easily call him ‘dear’ or ‘baby’ – he will completely understand it. That’s probably why Milan wishes to be left alone by the political narratives, so that he could, in peace, create sevdah – the speech of the melancholics.

After the debate, Stanković stopped talking and SevdahBABY has stepped in…

His performance was organized by NGO Aktiv, with Kosovo Foundation for Open Society’s support.