5. December. 2018. | 01:13

Roundtable discussion on Kosovo Specialist Chambers

On the 4th of December 2018, NGO AKTIV held a roundtable discussion at Hotel Ulpiana in Gračanica in cooperation with Kosovo Specialist Chambers. The purpose of the roundtable discussion was to inform members of Kosovo civil society on the overall mandate of the recently established Kosovo Specialist Chambers. 

Participants at the roundtable discussion included Miodrag Milićević from NGO AKTIV and three members of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers; Angela Griep, Head of the Public Information and Communication Unit, Laetitia Husson, Senior Legal Officer, and Silke Studzinsky, Head of the Victim Participation Unit. The audience was comprehensively briefed on the mandate, structure and functioning of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, including issues regarding the role of the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo, witness protection and support measures and outreach programs. The roundtable discussion was concluded by a Q&A session where the audience was able to directly address the roundtable panelists and provide inputs and reflections on the subject matter.