24. June. 2020. | 09:21

Rapid Response Civic Group -Incidents

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March NGO Aktiv has noticed an increase in crimes in areas inhabited by Kosovo Serbs. This has led to concerns over security within the Kosovo Serb community.

You can find more in the following infographic.

In total, more than twenty (20) crimes targeting Kosovo Serbs have been recorded between 15 March and 03 June, including arson, physical attacks and robberies. NGO Aktiv and the Kosovo Serb community has concerns about the adequacy and response time to crimes by police. We believe that more can be done to build and support their work at local and central institution levels. This includes undertaking additional preventative security measures to protect vulnerable citizens and ensuring crimes are fully investigated.

The unusual circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the problems that non-majority communities in Kosovo face. Despite these challenges, constitutional and legal frameworks that guarantee personal and property security should be upheld. This will serve to strengthen the decades-long effort and investment put into building a secure and multi-ethnic environment.

NGO Aktiv calls on all relevant institutions to provide additional support and resources to cases relating to the collective security and the safety of non-majority community members.