11. June. 2019. | 02:41

Public Meetings with Citizens and Representatives of the Local self-government

With the tremendous support of Olof Palme International Centre, AKTIV successfully organized several public meetings with citizens and representatives of the local self-governments from North Mitrovica, Leposavic, Partes, Gracanica and Novo Brdo.

Since the aim of these meetings is to enable citizens to get involved in decision making processes on the local level, each meeting was attended by the representatives of local self-governing structures. Citizens therefore had the opportunity to discuss important local matters, and to pose question of interest directly to their representatives. answers regarding the local topics they are interested in. In addition to the above-mentioned municipalities, the AKTIV`s project team will organize identical public meetings with the same goal in Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Strpce. Aside from the meetings, NGO Aktiv prepared a brochure on citizens` rights and the legal obligations of local self-governments towards their residents with the insight and assistance of an expert on good governance and transparency in local administrations. In addition, AKTIV is also working on drafting a report on gender equality in local self-government. Follow us and stay tuned!