28. February. 2020. | 02:16

Presentation policy paper ‘Assessment of rights and freedom in Kosovo Serb communities’

On 27th of February NGO Aktiv presented a policy paper Assessment of rights and freedom in Kosovo Serb communities in Pristina, which was published with the support of International Olof Palme Center. The aim of this paper is to give an overview of some of the more pressing issues and problems that face the Kosovo Serb community for the attention of local political actors in Kosovo, as well as members of the international community.

Guests of the presentation were Nexhmedin Spahiu, university professor and politologist, and Nenad Rašić, president of Progressive Democrati Party, which gave their overview of the (dis)respect of rights of Kosovo Serb and other non-majority communities in Kosovo. They also shared their views on the content of the publication itself. Speaking about the current position of the Serb community in Kosovo, Spahiu emphasized that the inability of the majority community to successfully integrate this community, and the insistence of official Belgrade that Serbs should not integrate into the Kosovo society, are actually the two key problems. Rašić pointed out that the biggest problem faced by the Kosovo Serb community is that other entities are trying to manage the lives of members of this community.

The discussion with the panelists was followed by questions from the audience.

The publication is available online.

This activity was supported by the International Olof Palme Center and in no way reflects the views of this institution.