17. December. 2020. | 08:50

Podcast03: Institutional Mechanisms for the Protection of the Rights of Non-Majority Communities in Kosovo (Video)

In the third episode of the Promaja series we tried to get an answer from the institutions to the question of what activities have been undertaken since the beginning of the pandemic in order to protect the right to use the mother tongue, but also other rights guaranteed by law concerning non-majority communities.

Representatives of the institutions answered the questions about the mandate of their institutions, what they see as difficulties and where they see changes for the better.

We have heard from our interlocutors that more work is needed in order to say that non-majority communities have effective equality but also that the members of non-majority communities should continue reporting to relevant institutions when they believe their rights have been violated.

Our gratitude goes to:

Alastair Butchart Livingston, Senior adviser, Office for Community Afairs

Marija Radulovic, Deputy Ombudsperson Kosovo

Senada Sagdati, representative of the Bosniak community in the Consultative council for communities

Omer Sherafedin, former representative of the Turkish community in the Consultative council for communities