22. July. 2020. | 11:04

Podcast EP 01: Rapid Response Civic Group (VIDEO)

Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of protective measures in Kosovo, NGO Aktiv, in order to adapt to the situation, sought to dedicate special attention to the position of non-majority communities and vulnerable groups throughout Kosovo.

Which kinds of problems did non-majority areas face in Kosovo? Why were non-majority communities particularly vulnerable? Did the implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages constitute one of the most significant challenges in the work of central institutions as an almost unattainable standard? To what extent did civil society succeed in responding to ongoing social challenges during the pandemic?

Coordinators from the Rapid Response Civic Group will speak about these and other issues during our first podcast.

You will hear something more about ALVED and about its efforts to encourage civic activism aimed at protecting the rights of local communities.

Podcast EP 01