14. September. 2018. | 01:48

Partition or...what's the solution?

"The time has come for the citizens of North Kosovo to decide where to live. From that moment on, I stand for a solution that could regulate relations between Serbs and Albanians in some other way. Therefore, I support the decision that these four municipalities should be part of the Republic of Serbia, and in return for this, Preševo and a part of Bujanovac should belong to Kosovo," said Marko Jaksic, a lawyer from North Mitrovica, within the Mitrovica Social Club.


He believes the subject of partition has come to the agenda due to changes in the US administration and, above all, the arrival of John Bolton. In his words, even Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic did not expect this scenario.

"He is the only politician to whom Serbia would even forgive the recognition of Kosovo. If he is able to conduct partition, he will be the absolute ruler of Serbia, "Jaksic believes.
On the other hand, political analyst Ljubomir Stanojkovic thinks that this is not a realistic solution, and that if some sort of partition comes, it will not imply that the entire north of Kosovo belongs to Serbia.

“Kosovo will have to give up this small area important for Serbia. It includes a part of Kopaonik and some villages in Leposavic. However, Serbia will have to renounce some villages near Presevo, in return," Stanojkovic says.

He adds that Trepca and Gazivode are important for Kosovo, and that it is not realistic to expect Pristina to give them up. "I am completely against the consideration of the partition concept," Stanojkovic says.

Speaking about the visit of President Vucic to Kosovo, the representatives of the Mitrovica Social Club believe that it did not bring anything new, although it had been announced as a historical one. Jaksic thinks that this rally could not be compared to the one in Gazimestan in 1989, as some announced. "Milosevic had a million of hopeful people attending the rally. In Mitrovica people unwillingly attended it“ says Jaksic.

Ljubomir Stanojkovic also referred to the cancellation of the round of dialogue that was supposed to be held in Brussels ahead of Vucic's arrival. "They obviously could not agree on something having its amount and price," says Stanojkovic.

Speaking of a present resistance to partition as a potential solution within the final phase of negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina in the public, Jaksic believes that the opponents of this idea have not come out with a single proposal.  In his view, the partition is acceptable in the context of Belgrade-Pristina relations.

"If we talk about the situation of Serbs in Kosovo, then we can talk about cantonization, federalization, and Community of Serb municipalities with executive and judicial powers. If someone wants, it`s high time they came out with alternatives, " Jaksic concludes.

The debate, which was discussed by Jaksic and Stanojkovic, was held within the Mitrovica Social Club, supported by the Kosovo Foundation for an Open Society (KFOS).