3. December. 2020. | 04:29

NGO Aktiv reacts to allegations made by RTK

NGO Aktiv wishes to draw attention to a number of inflammatory and factually incorrect statements and accusations made during a televised debate aired on Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK) under the title The Association and Serbian Scenarios Against Kosovo on the 6th of October 2020 and in articles published on their website (www.rtklive.com) on the 2nd and 6th of October.1 2

It is our belief that the nature of the allegations made against our organization and the context in which they were presented constitute a violation of the Press Council of Kosovo’s Press Code, the Independent Media Commission (IMC) Code of Conduct for Audio and Audio-visual Media Services in Kosovo and the Law on RTK.

In the articles and during the debate, a range of assertations were made regarding NGO Aktiv and the Empirika Platform suggesting they are involved in an orchestrated campaign to stage incidents in Serb-inhabited areas of Kosovo in order to bring about an Association of Serb-Majority Municipalities (ASM). It was furthermore claimed that Aktiv and Empirika sent ‘inaccurate’ information to Brussels, implying that they knowingly fabricate information. Finally, RTK alleged that NGO Aktiv launched a campaign to form the ASM. All of these claims are erroneous and have no basis in fact. Aktiv did publish indeed a policy paper dealing with the ASM3, but is not in any way engaged in a concerted/organized effort in the form of a campaign. Aktiv is furthermore disturbed by the fact that RTK published unsubstantiated4 allegations that it actively and knowingly falsifies data in supposed coordination and cooperation with the Security Information Agency (Bezbedno-informativna agencija or BIA). This is a particularly outrageous accusation, particularly considering the fact that AKTIV is not supported financially or otherwise by any state security agency. Aktiv is of the belief that this constitutes a very direct attack on its integrity as a civil-society organization and takes issue with that fact that at no point did RTK seek comment or clarification from NGO AKTIV, nor did it make clear to their viewers/readers that they were of an editorial rather than factual nature. What’s more, these charges serve only to distract from the important issues facing Kosovo and to undercut the legitimate concerns held by many members of the Kosovo Serb community.

RTK, as Kosovo’s leading public broadcaster, has a duty to report objectively and in line with its obligations as outlined in the Law on Radio Television of Kosovo. Having in mind that, in this case, there are a number of potential violations of the Press Council of Kosovo’s Press Code, the Independent Media Commission (IMC) Code of Conduct for Audio and Audio-visual Media Services in Kosovo, Aktiv requests that RTK take the following actions:

  • To supplement its publications by providing the right to reply to an NGO AKTIV representative and publish their views in the story or to publish NGO Aktiv’s reaction on the RTK Live website.
  • To correct the inaccuracies in the articles posted on the RTK Live website and to state clearly that there is no evidence nor any concrete indication that Aktiv and Empirika are connected to Serbian state security organs, nor that they have knowingly and maliciously fabricated data regarding violent/criminal incidents.
  • To issue an apology to NGO Aktiv and the Empirika Platform.





4. RTK only cited "RTK sources" as their source of information.